The rollers wanted to roll

Its next door neighbours said no

“I was designed to roll”, said the rollers

“I was designed to hold” said the holders

Everyone wants to do his assignment

Because everyone is his government

Landlord, what are you doing?

“It is my duty I am doing”

He said, though his tenants were fighting

“I have it in writing

That the tomb is often a womb

Much exposure makes the finger numb”

Then I heard a voice, “Lato, let it roll”

Then in awe I said “is that in the scroll?”

A response came, “Let it down, roll the scroll”

Then I saw the limit of control

That man has over petrol

When it’s in a match

With a burning match

Off my sight fell the scale

Unending is friction tale

Then I shouted to my men

“Let it roll like Shakespeare’s pen”

Pauline instruction, they followed,

Mast down, engine shut, they allowed

The ship of life to roll

And it’ll keep rolling

Where is your strength o diver?

Who is in control but the Driver?