I am not featuring a picture or offering anything elaborate. Look.

No big grammar or bothering about ‘literary merit’ or form. Here is it:

1. My mum is a doctor but I am not a doctor. I don’t want to be a doctor. I won’t be a doctor.  I would never ever be a doctor. I don’t care to be a doctor.  I don’t have to be a doctor. I won’t have any regrets. It’s that simple. Leave me alone. Doctors are not the only smart or successful people. Leave me alone. Continue with your low-risk life and this-career-is-more-prestigious-and-viable mindset in this decade.

2.My brother and my father are talented musicians. I am not my father. I am not my brother. I am not a musician. I don’t want to be a musician. I don’t have to be one. I don’t care to be one. I would never have any regrets. It’s that simple. Once again, leave me alone. Did you create me?  How much skin can your little hands hold?

3. If you do not know what to call me, do not call me. I’m not desperate for your validation. I don’t need it.  A person is not a university degree. A person is not a career.  A person is not society’s testimonies. A person is a person. Leave me alone. Let me be a person.

4. Cheers to better persons, people who deserve me. We have so many things in view. At the end of this decade, I should be proud of what I have become. Sorry for saying ‘you’ if I wasn’t talking to you. And if I was talking to you, don’t tell me, ‘it’s never that serious’, ‘it’s just small talk’. What I choose to be is not a small thing and technically isn’t your business. I’m not offended by your ignorance and I know you may mean well or be afraid for me because I’m not towing the familiar expected line but that too is not your business. 


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