A riddle for the ashy sky

Sometimes the body stops believing itself, chews away its skin with venomous thoughts. A miracle God begs you to stop performing. – Wine, Theresa Lola. Years teach you how a Saviour isn’t a man but someone, anyone, who wears crosses on the back, not the tongue. You knew crosses early Read more…

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Supposed to be

This is Nigeria and so your name, though common, is pronounced Samweh – not Samuel. On a sweltering afternoon, after an hour of street football where, with your neighbours, you pride in a jersey of the bare chest and boxer shorts, after continuous successions of firing and heading the leathery Read more…

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There is a song in my belly and this is its chorus: chicken, chicken, chicken. You see, eagles are enjoying the spotlight too much – just like the lion. Soar like an eagle. Be as bold as a lion. I am tired of hearing such. Can’t we see the value Read more…

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