It doesn’t always have to make sense.  Don’t accept the darkness. Don’t drown in it. It’s a big lie if you think there aren’t people standing for me. Stop feeling so pressured. Stop staying at the edge.  I am a God of love but I still hold fire. I watch. I knock and knock waiting for the door to open. I love. Fiercely.  A kind you cannot know.  I do not force. I leave you to choose. I am simple but you can never have enough of me. I desire hungry hearts. I speak every time. I sometimes shout when it’s so long.

Stop being afraid. Leave the normal alone. I still love. I pull you close even when you deserve it in no way. How can you tell me no? How can you say later? How? How can you not see all that I have in store for you? How can you not see? I heal. I deliver.  You the depressed, so rejected, going through so many traumas in silence, remember me. It may not make sense. It doesn’t have to.  You, the ailed, the sick. Don’t accept it and stop there. I heal. You may not understand all my ways but trust me, stay. To another, don’t shut me out. It’s you who needs me.

To another, getting bored of me, too familiar with me and routines, watch out!  You haven’t tasted enough of my power. You’d see!  To another mourning unrequited love, stop. You cannot do anything long lasting outside me. Stop! Wait. Listen. It’s not about knowing, it’s about doing. It’s not about a guilty conscience each time I send my people, it’s about growing. Come.

I am a God of fire. To another, do not watch my anointed and make fun of them. I laugh at you. Don’t cheat yourself. And to another, you can never be too far to come home. You can stop that habit. I’m not killing you. I’m waiting. Stop dumping the issues at the feet of those just as confused as you are. Nobody knows my plan for you 100%.

To another, you can never know me fully. You don’t have to feel like it to grow. You don’t have to feel like it to worship. You don’t have to feel like it to stay. Do what you hear. I know it’s a battle and I know surrendering everything hurts the flesh but trust me, trust my voice. I am worth abiding in.  I do not make dark plans for my people. Do not belittle the things I say or show. Stay. Listen. When your ears are blocked, too carried away, I send people. Recognize them. Don’t shun. I cannot keep calling you too many times. Remember, one day, the chance would be gone. Remember, I am a God of love and I can wait for so long but do not cheat yourself. What is that you search for outside me that will ever satisfy you?

I hold the universe with my tongue. You do not want know what love is. Come!

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