To Be Nigerian

a tiring verb. daily, in the morning, tug the edge of your soul: still a tight knot? still a tight knot, firm enough to survive? pluck your eyes and place them on the soiled ceramic plate. drag a knife to Read more…

By ife, ago

God is a Black Woman

Ade, righteous, saw God. She claimed God was male and white, unlike us. God, according to her, was too infinite to behold. Ade said she screamed, closed her eyes and stroked her chest to ease itself of its sudden fiery Read more…

By ife, ago

A Hungry River

It doesn’t always have to make sense.  Don’t accept the darkness. Don’t drown in it. It’s a big lie if you think there aren’t people standing for me. Stop feeling so pressured. Stop staying at the edge.  I am a Read more…

By ife, ago