The Blessed Hierarchy

You do not break the blessed even if inhuman. Blessed be the hierarchy. Misogny & patriarchy & male chauvinism & social constructivism & egalitarianism & complementarianism & ageism & culture criticism & Afropolitanism are your jargons. Blessed be the hierarchy: Read more…

By ife, ago

I am not

Here, a bullet. Here, a sharp, straight, blunt nothing. Here, a brief and faceless piece. I am not offering a feature photograph for this. I don’t think you deserve one. I am not offering anything elaborate. You don’t deserve it. Look. No Read more…

By ife, ago

What is Home?

Begin, maybe, with the pillows.  Perhaps home lies in the softness of a pillow, in the lush comfort of it, our heads lolling, our hearts singing soft songs. Perhaps home is not the big things we think it is, the Read more…

By ife, ago